Saturday, January 2, 2016

Botanical Cleansing Water from Guardian Review

Hello pretty!!I'm back with My new post

 I went to Singapore bought some products from drugstore. One of the products I bought is not familiar in Indonesia, it is Guardian Botanical Cleansing Water and suprisingly addict with this product.

Guardian Botanical Cleansing Water is make up remover based from Korea that I never see in Indonesia. I'm trying to found the product in the mall, but the product has not comes in guardian Indonesia.

Why I buy the product is because the brand made from Guardian as I always seen in the mall, product made from Korea, I think many Korean product are good quality. I really upset with my sensitive skin that never appropriate with any product, so I choose removing makeup contains water to my dry skin.

Product comes with transparent bottle, have pump so you can make sure the water comes out from the pump and you can use cotton pads for removing makeup. I forgot the price but it's about IDR 50.000 if Indonesia value contains  for 210ml water inside.

The cleansing oil good for dry skin, free from colorants and mineral oils and gently removing make up. It's really work when I try to my face the water can removing my makeup on my face, mascara, and eyeliner without leaves dry on my skin. I've been lasting with this cleansing for past few month.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Goes to Thailand and Bangkok

Hi hi... It's been one year I'm not bloging.
How are you guys, I really really busy with my job, I felt it's like not my passion to do my job. hahaha But that's really OK, I need money so I must work hard, I'll do it with my 100% power to do my job. :D

Soo... Today I wanna share my Travel journey from Jakarta to Thailand and Malaysia. Yeay!

I love airport atmosphere!

I really proud with this journey cause we do backpack just me and my bestfriend Renata, we arrange all this trip together. Make an itinerary for 5 day 4 night.

While waiting take off
 The first country we choose is Thailand, I need to see pattaya beach, so many people said that I must touchdown pattaya beach if travel to Thailand so I do it. :D

Arrive at the Don Muang  airport it's about 9p.m and we eat first in the airport. It's already rain outside, so we get rush to found our bus from airport to terminal bus Ekkamai.

 just two of us in the bus 

After 2 hours we arrive in pattaya city about midnight. We just walk arround our hotel for a while looking for something to eat and get back to our hotel. And the afternoon we bought fruit jus in front of the central festival center, that's really fresh and cheap! by the way mall in pattaya open on 11 a.m. We across the sea from walking street to samae beach with boat, I think many seaside in there that really clear and good more than Pattaya beach.

Don't think you must bought much money to travel in Thailand, all the food and drink is cheap, if you just go travel for some place without shopping but don't forget to arrange all the thing before holiday.

Walking street in the morning, all store still closed.

Samae Beach view
I just stay two night in Kuala Lumpur, just did shopping in Pavilion and sephora.

at merdeka square

we get lost from pasar seni
I love Travel, I love shopping, I love fashion, all wrap in my video.
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Softlens From X2 BIO Color Review

Hello Dear..
Good Day

I think you guys know about X2, this brand very familiar  to our ears, with friendly prices and with good quality brand.
This is the same softlens from X2 from my last post, about 2 years a go, very long time. xoxo

 I was excited to wear this new softlens, this is the new one from X2 BIO type, X2 Bio just have 2 color there is X2 Bio Black, and X2 Bio Hazel. I don't really like with brown or black color, it hasn't match with my eyes, look's tiny and not bright because that's not show up my black eyes.  And now X2 Bio release X2 Bio Color. I'm really happy the color really great. I've been in love with this softlens and been waiting for this new color.

X2 Bio Color have 2 color type, there is Blue, Grey, I using for this brand for 8 years, and so far it match with my eyes. and X2 BIO great for my sensitive eyes, not drying when I use.

Item details
Diameter : 14.5mm

Water Content : 45%

Base Curve : 8.6mm

Life Span : 3-6 month  

Packaging comes with flower full color box and with a tag line Premium quality contact lens. Lens package from blistar and have a information with english. About the prices is really cheap for 6 month life span.

Grey Color

Blue Color

Pros : 
Light color
 Not drying


Grey color looks same with my last post about X2 black, but the grey color on the iris more bright from the last lens. For the blue color very bright, this is not different with a flash photo, and makes my eyes more big. Different from last post X2 black, this lens have a thick rim on the lens. This is to help reinforce the eyes.

What I Think?
The lens really comfortable when I use more than 6+ hours specially in Air conditioning not drying. I love with diameter 14.5mm makes my eyes more big.  So thats a good thing from me. (ɔ ˘⌣˘)~♡
I'm really likes this softlens

Thank you for reading dear.. :*

Friday, February 28, 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge February 2014 : Summer Fairytale Look


IBB (Indonesian Beauty Blogger) setiap bulannya selalu mengadakan beauty challenge untuk para beauty blogger Indonesia.
Nah Ini pertama kalinya aku ikut IBB Makeup Competition Challenge, aku sangat tertarik
dengan tema bulan ini, yaitu "SUMMER FAIRYTALE"

IBB Makeup Challenge bulan ini bekerjasama dengan Etude House.

Apa sih Fairytale dibenakku?
Sempet bingung juga, apa ya fairytale, aku kepikiran dengan wanita berkulit putih, menggunakan sayap, matanya yang cantik dan berbalut pakaian yang cantik dengan fairy dust. Hmm.. Let me see

Yuk dimulai ceritanya..

Dear Diary,

This is my first story for being a Fairy with my dust,and then make it real. Xoxo

So today I made simple fairytale makeup look it's easy to try it at home.Acctually I'm really like flower and cause fairy really fits with flower, so I'm using a flower as a concept, that's can makes feminin look.

I Hope my makeup look like Fairy from Japan. lol 

 There's a young girl in a castle, and they found a fairy dust and change her life being fairy.  
 ~ ~ ~ ~
About fairy makeup.. I'm using Color Eye Stick Bling In The Sea with 2 colors, first I'm using pink color,and the second is blue color. For the makeup I just focus on my eyes, cause the color is very nice and have a glitter, my eyes looks more bright. And I just put a thin eyeliner for making a line. 

 MakeUp Product ?
 Eyeshadow : Etude House Stick Blink In The Sea 
Eyeliner : Maybeline 
Lipstick : Revlon
Eyelashe : No brand
Blush on : Revlon
Eyeline under eyes: NYX White
Foundation : Max Factor
Concelear : Max Factor
Eyebrow : Dolly Wink

I'm using cream with pink flowery dress, flower crown, and as a sweetener I coloring my nail with a flower design. (design by me)

Althought this fairy can't fly, but in the end fairy found a prince who can accept him for what it is and...

The End

Thank you for reading  :*

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review : Ageha Color Softlens Lunatia Grey

 Today I want review about my new softlens from Japan.
This is my first softlens that I got and being my attention because have some positive response and review from many blogger so I try to buy this product, check it out my review.

Many types of Ageha color softlens that sell on the site, there is : Ageha Lunatia have many kind color, there is Lunatia Brown (16mm), Lunatia Blue (16mm), Lunatia green (16mm), Lunatia Grey (16mm).And I get confused which one should buy. xoxo 

Finally I figured it out that I should buy Ageha Lunatia Grey from the official site  
The good think I got special promotion discount 33% for buy Ageha Lunatia grey and free shipping cause buy from the site, you can check from the official site if you want to get free shipping too. I'm really like with the service, the products come faster, and quick respons. 



♥ Ageha Lunatia Grey 
Produce : Japan
Water Content : 45%
Normal & Minus lens ±0.00 ~ -8.00
Diameter 14.5 mm (when used 16mm)
Base Curve 8.8
Isi: 1 Kotak isi 2Pcs (1Set)
Life Span : 6 months
♥  Price : Rp. 270.000 (normal price)

Packaging comes with good condition, covered with white box and bubble wrap inside the softlens box. The products comes with pink dramatic box with butterfly as a design, where in the back of the box is given information about the products. Inside the box it have instruction how to used softlens with nihongo languange. I'm not sure what it said but it given picture in there as you can see.

Different from any color softlens that I see, japan softlens have hygenic wrapped with blistar container which use once (not recycling), and have authentic quality for the prosess production. You can see how the prosess in this link Authentic Quality

 So this is the color that I like and never tried to buy it, when I used this I'm very excited the color blend to my eyes, really bright, they don't look fake. And I try it with my black origin hair and with my wig. What's different? xoxo

What I Think ?

At first I didn't think comfortable in my eyes, feels wedge on the rims of softlens, maybe cause my eyes really sensitive but when I try it again with soaking my lens over the night and I feel comfortable. No drying of the lens and it feels like I have nothing on :) 

Free Gift

Japan softlens have many promotion, there is :

1. For purchase 1 softlens you can get free cute pen lipsticks

 2. For purchase 2 softlens you can get Kawaii Lipgloss from japan

3.  For purchase 3 softlens you can get eyelashe K-Pop Star "4 MINUTES" Original Eyelash * J-Pop Star "Ayu Hamazaki" 

4. For purchase 5 softlens or more you can get Kara Eyelashe

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